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Embroidery Selection

Below are the current lace fabric options that we believe may align well with your project. You have selected embroidered lace as your lace applique option.
Note: Kindly be advised that certain embroidery designs presented below may incorporate light sequin, carefully chosen for alternative design or stylistic considerations.

Team member assigned to this project:


Attractive Young Woman_edited.png

Swasti S.

Embroidery Expert

Model 001

Model DHBF3044

Model 156

Model 209

Close Match!

Model CYG-TY

Model DHBF1689

Model 138

Model 152

Model 002

Model 214

Model 003

Model 201

Model 124

Model 220

Model 005

Model 310

Model 007

Model 009

Model 231

Model 010

Model 232

Model 134

Model 007

Model 009

Model 13

Model 010

Model 232

Model 134

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