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Hey Stormi & Team! Thank you for taking the time to consider us for your $2K Grant!

How your grant Helps Us

LVLY Bride is the global voice of inclusivity within the bridal industry, empowering brides with customization opportunities, exceptional craftsmanship, and online tools to inspire brides to celebrate their individuality.With the $2K grant, I aim to improve our  current online tools in client services to meet the increasing demand for a better global bridal experience and market our services to a wider audience.


Meet our most recent bride, Kawana

Kawana was a bride to be whom reached out to the LVLY Bride company because she wanted to feel beautiful for her wedding day in March of 2023. Unfortunately, she felt too embarrassed to go into a bridal brick and mortar store because of her size and fear of being rejected, as a majority of bridal stores only carry sizes up to a size 28W. 

She contacted my company because she had faith we could handle a project like this. She ordered a measurement kit, and we set a virtual consultation via Zoom. She told me about the areas that concerned her most and together we came up with a design that she loved. In that same virtual zoom call, I assisted her in taking her measurements and calculated her standard size, a 38W.

As we moved forward with the project, I did face some challenges of my own. One major challenge was the lack of proper equipment. My mother often told me to "make due with what you've got." so although I did not have the proper mannequin to fit her standard size for quality control, I trusted my expertise in measurement taking and pattern making. We completed the gown and shipped it to her. 

Upon receiving the gown and wearing it to her wedding. No alterations were necessary because measurements were spot on.  She reached out to me to let me know, "This was the most beautiful I've felt in my entire life."

I've been crying happy tears on the inside for 3 days now because everything came together so beautifully and its just such an amazing feeling that I was able to make a difference like that in someone else's life. On top of this, social media really gave her the flowers she deserved and of course everyone wanted to know where her gown came from. 


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