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We strive to improve the online experience by providing you with advanced online tools, advice from our expert stylists, and frequent communication while making your custom gown. Click 'Learn more' for additional information about what we do.

our design services

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The first step to our design service is a consultation. In addition to ascertaining your personality in the form of a physical wedding gown, we want to know every single desire you wish to incorporate into your wedding gown. This is how we are able to execute even the smallest details. Consults can be in the form of a phone call, email or virtual video call. We remain communicative and can answer any of your inquiries. 

Fabric Swatches

We are a strong advocate of body & skin tone inclusivity because, representation will always matter. For many years, only a few shades of nude fabrics existed on the market and only matched a small percentage of actual skin colors. We have over thirty-seven skin tone swatches, all catering to various shades and undertones.  Once your sketch is finished, we send our $35 NOOD SWATCH™- Swatch kit to you for your selection. When you have selected the perfect swatch color, we incorporate that color into the design of your gown for lace, beading, and stone placement if applicable. 

Fabric Swatches

Our Designers

We are a collaborative of four experienced designers. We combine our ideas and dedication to the art of fashion design to create each collection we launch, in addition to assisting you with your custom wedding gown.  With our design services, you can expect us to advise all technical capabilities of your gown and assistance in sizing, gown structure, and more.

Our Designers


To keep the quality of our gowns consistent, we have a small volume of experienced in-house seamstresses that construct each gown. We know that mass produced products can sometimes lack that quality result, which is why we keep it small and preform quality checks as your gown progresses. We also take footage in the form of photo & video for you to see each completed  milestone.


Fast ShipPing

The moment your gown is complete, we send photos and video for you to confirm. Upon your approval, we ship your custom gown to you. While you wait, you  expect a confirmation email with your tracking number and anticipate the arrival of your beautiful gown within 2-7 days. 

We ship via Fedex, UPS, USPS, and DHL for international clients.

Fast Shipping

Legal Safety

While we make beautiful gowns, it's especially important to  make sure you understand the process of custom gown making before submitting a purchase for a custom gown. Familiarize yourself with our official custom gown policies.

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