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The Brand

LVLY Bride begins with my grandmother Gayle, a well known southern seamstress and the one who gave me my first set of needle and thread. After my first attempt at sewing, I knew I was born to design & create and found myself behind a sewing machine most milestones of my life. I took my spark and partnered with other skilled seamstresses. Together we produce every piece you see on our website.

Tynisha Vargas

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Why LVLY Bride?

What you mean to us.

At LVLY Bride, we understand how complex it can be when searching for that perfect gown. Thats why we believe each bride deserves to have that ugly cry moment. Yes! That moment you try on ‘the gown’ and become overwhelmed with SO much emotion. Our mission is to be there the moment you realize a gown can truly compliment you in words unspoken. To be the reason you feel like an effortlessly, lovely bride — A LVLY Bride. 

Being apart of your most memorable moment is what drives us to launch our best collections. We use quality fabric, strive for remarkable workmanship, and excellent shipping options.

Services we offer

Sketch Services (Digital)
Custom Wedding Gowns
Wedding Accessories

Event decor and Architecture

Fashion Design Models

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