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Social Responsibility

     Our vision goes far beyond our store. We strive to have an effective impact not only within our stores and corporate family, but also upon hundreds of vendor manufacturing facilities throughout the world which make our products, as well as on their employees.

We see these choices as a passage of work in progress. Every day we aim to share our motto and vision with those around us in hopes that our ideals will inevitably create a domino effect of positivity within our world.

By offering quality products for your most intimate, heartfelt gatherings, we slowly achieve this work in progress. All while helping you create beautiful long term memories with your loved ones and clients.


Festive Table Decoration

We hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards, and we expect our partners to do the same.

Social Compliance

LVLYbride enters into a comprehensive agreement with each of our vendors and their factories under which they promise to utilize legally qualified workers, pay them wages which are fair and legal in their jurisdiction, and provide an environment that complies with their legal requirements.

We have a highly trained Vendor Compliance Team, which promotes and enforces lawful and ethical operations at our third-party factory sites. The Team accomplishes this enforcement by conducting inspections of our active non-US Vendor manufacturing facilities on a random basis to ensure the Social Vendor Compliance Standards are understood, respected and followed.

We also visit most non-U.S. Vendor factories before we hire a Vendor to ensure their facility and operations meet with our standards.

After each factory visit, the Vendor Compliance Team provides a written evaluation of the factory, including any action items which may need correction prior to the next visit. We also do our best to provide ongoing information, advice, and support on fair labor, health and safety, and related issues.


LVLYbride expects that all employees are treated with dignity and respect. LVLYbride will not knowingly work with vendors or factories who use physical abuse or intimidation against their workers.
Our assessors conduct multiple checks to ensure these practices are not occurring in the facilities, including interviews with employees about working conditions and disciplinary actions. If we identify corporal punishment, we consider it a zero-tolerance violation.

A Factory is Non-Compliant if:

  • Severe violations are discovered, including: underage labor, forced labor, corporal punishment, attempted bribery, unauthorized subcontracting, egregious wastewater treatment and/or absence of appropriate licensing/permitting;

  • It fails three consecutive audits;  

  • An excessive number of violations are discovered; or 

  • The auditor is denied access twice.


We respect cultural and individual differences and discrimination is not tolerated. 
Vendors and factories are expected to maintain a discrimination-free workplace and to employ workers based upon on their abilities, rather than their race, color, sex, pregnancy status, gender identity, marital status, political opinions, religion, age, disability, sexual orientation, social origin, national origin or any other characteristics unrelated to an individual’s ability to perform the work required by the job. We also prohibit the use of pregnancy testing as a condition of employment or to terminate employment.

No Bribery

We seek business partners who adhere to the highest ethical standards in their business practices and their interactions with LVLYbride. LVLYbride does not allow any exchange of favors, money, or gifts, with our team members with the intent to influence business decisions.. As with the other standards outlined, LVLYbride Team Members are held to the same standards and are strictly prohibited from engaging in solicitation of anything of value from business partners.

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