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so you can customize easier.

We've recognized the problem between many brides and online bridal companies.

Most online bridal companies aren't providing: 


Skin Tone



Most bridal companies only make gowns up to size 28W

Illusion mesh swatches are not accessible through many online bridal companies.

There are limited options for brides that fall outside the standard.

Many brides are paying twice the amount for gowns that are made for less.


AKA the Game changer!


When you go custom, we give you the confidence to achieve your vision by providing 6 vital services. 

1. Sketch Services
Sketch services allow you to visualize your dream gown and gives us an understanding of what you wish to achieve.

2. Virtual Measurements
Virtual measurements lets us know your inclusive size and allows us to accurately calculate materials (You're free to choose custom made or standard sizing when the dress making time comes).

3. Customized kits
Our customized kits allow you to select an illusion mesh thats a true match to your own skin tone. Need help along the way? We're always here to advise. 

4. Affordability
We source materials responsibly and believe all brides should have access to an Affordable AND beautiful gown. Our custom gowns start at just $1200.

5. Meet your team
Meet the creative minds behind your masterpiece. We show you whom executed your project and any notes they leave for you!  

6. Progress Profiles
 Subscribe to our progress profiles and gain access to exclusive perks you wont find anywhere else.

We don't move forward until you're ready! 

Sketch Services

We're your expert tailor.

Accurate swatches sent to your home for selection.

Work with in house sketch artists to create your dream gown.

Progress profiles allow brides to log onto our website to check the status of of their project. Anytime. We update in the form of photo and video 

Meet Your Team

Meet the creative minds specially assigned to your


We believe in financial accessibility. We want you to have your wedding cake and eat it too! 

Hundreds of brides love this solution, and you will too!

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