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Fabric Swatch Selection Form

Thanks for taking the time to look over our swatch options. Please fill out the form below and let us know which fabric swatch you would like to use for your custom gown.

Terms and Conditions for Selecting a Fabric Type for Your Custom Gown .

  1. Color Swatch Review: I confirm that I have thoroughly reviewed the color swatch booklet provided by LVLY Bride and have carefully considered my selection.

2. Final Selection: I acknowledge that once I have submitted the form, I will no longer be able to change fabric type. All selections are considered final and will be used to proceed with the design and creation of my custom bridal gown.

3. Non-Refundble: I understand that custom fabric orders are non-refundable and cannot be exchanged once the order has been placed. Any changes after submission may incur additional charges and extend the production timeline.

4. Material Availability: I acknowledge that my chosen fabric type is subject to availability. In the event that the selected fabric is unavailable, I will be promptly informed, and an alternative option will be provided.

5. Customization: I am aware that the selected fabric will be customized to fit the design specifications of my gown. Any additional customizations or changes after submission may result in additional fees.

6. Production Timeline: I understand that the production of my custom gown will commence once the fabric type has been confirmed. I agree to the communicated timeline to ensure timely delivery of my gown.

7. Consultation: I acknowledge that I had the opportunity to consult eith a designer regarding my fabric color choices to ensure they align with my vision for my wedding gown.

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