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Why LVLY Bride?

Why should I order my gown online?

Why should I trust  LVLY Bride?

The LVLY Bride Experience


Sketch Services

Construction & Time frames

What happens when construction has been delayed?

Measurements & Custom size options

What happens if I want to change my dress design mid construction?

Fabric kits & swatch selection

Why should I order my wedding dress online?

Our goal at LVLY Bride is for every bride to find her perfect wedding dress. While LVLY Bride's online model is the best choice for many brides, we aren’t the right fit for everyone. We wrote this guide to help any bride-to-be find the best wedding dress retailer for her, which analyzes options based on parameters that we have heard are most important to brides: selection, design, price, quality, body-inclusive sizing, shopping experience, and customer service


While brick-and-mortar bridal boutiques carry some advantages (like letting brides touch and feel gown options, free champagne, and service of in-person salespeople), LVLY Bride's online process provides brides a better experience along each of these areas:

  • Almost unlimited design options. Brides aren’t stuck with the limited inventory of a store.

  • Precise pricing for materials We have direct relationships with workshops and lower overhead.

  • Inclusive sizes and better fit. LVLY Bride's dresses are made-to-order for each bride, and has used data from thousands of measurement sets to create proprietary measurement processes.

  • Expert support. LVLY Bride's online tools allow brides to browse and customize at any time, with a knowledgeable stylist team available to help whenever needed.

Other considerations: While the majority of brides don’t go wedding dress shopping looking for a specific designer, if a bride loves a signature style of a specific brand, we always recommend she buys the real thing if it fits in her price range. On the budget end, David’s Bridal is the leader in providing great value for brides looking to spend between $300 and $1,000.

Payment, Returns & Shipping

Do you offer payment plans?

Why should I trust LVLY Bride?

There are many option 

What is your return policy?

Can I cancel my order?

The LVLY Bride Experience

Sizing & Getting the Perfect Fit

What about alterations?

Wedding planning is exciting, no doubt! If you're considering the custom gown option, before setting a consultation with us, we strongly suggest you start researching! Search online, go into your local bridal boutiques, try on gowns!  These all help you hone in on what you like and what you don't like. 

How does your sizing work?

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