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Tabrielle Henderson Project

Bride Name

Tabrielle Henderson


Wedding Day 

Not given

Subscription Type

Basic $15/mo



(225) 210-3050


Size 14W
Height: 5'4"
Heel Height: 5" max


Welcome to the
#LVLYBridetribe Tabrielle!

Project Description

Tabrielle has ordered the Soraya gown for her wedding ceremony. The Soraya gown is a perfect statement piece that exudes elegance, sophistication and glamour, and is sure to turn heads on a day as special as Tabrielle's wedding will be.  Requested in white and in size 14W, the hand beaded design and stone placement will be set meticulously to highlight and accentuate Tabrielles curves to create a flattering silhouette. The Soraya gown will require the best materials such as, high quality tulle with horsehair trim and skin tone mesh that perfectly compliments Tabrielles skin tone. A zipper closure will be installed to complete the look. This project is set to be completed between April 7th-12th, 2023.

Below you can view a general progression of currently completed steps in making your gown.

Fabric Selection
Client Payment
Digital Pattern Making

My Progress

Beading Materials
Quality Check
Bodice Beading
Quality Check
Horse Hair Trim

Wow, you'll be turning heads in this one!

The wait is almost over.

This has indeed been a long process, and we are so grateful you decided to take this journey with us. The below showpiece is your own conception of what it means to be a bride that doesn't settle for whatever she can find in a bridal boutique. You meticulously planned this masterpiece. We hope you are in love with this gown just as much as we are Tabrielle. It is truly a work of art. Your gown has not yet shipped. Please pay the shipping cost below.


Completed Gown


Completed Rear


Bust beading detail


Gown interior detail

Additional notes

Above are the completed base gown and detachable skirt. Please note that your gown is custom sized, so it may not proportionately fit our standard size dress form. Due to the standard size dress form gown may not properly to the dress form. Please also note that although we share updates in the best lighting, due to our studio light settings, or the settings of your computer monitor, screen, or phone lighting, the actual color of this gown may differ from the color in-person. 

Meet My Team

Below are the team members that will bring your wedding gown vision to life.
man wearing eyeglasses and blue shirt in

Tynisha V.

Lead Technical Design Stylist

Sam J.

Ellie H.

Victoria Y.

 Fabric Design & Beading
Technical Design & Embroidery
Lead Dressmaker & Design Stylist

My Sketch

Below you can view all progress made during the sketch process, including edits and any additional detailed notes.

Your project did not require a sketch! 

My Illusion Mesh

Selected Color: Deep Caramel Nude

My Lace Fabric

Below you can view all progress made during the custom lace process, including edits and any detailed notes.

Please note: 

The Soraya gown's original lace color is blush pink. We do not carry this lace color in white and have selected a lace color and design that suits your gown.

My Beadwork

Below you can view all progress made during the custom beading process.

My Gown in the making

Below you can view all progress made during the sewing process of your gown.