Flower type: Italian rose, hydrangea, baby’s breath
Floral Color: Deep red Rose, Light Pink rose, Fresh white hydrangea, cream rose, white baby’s breath
Brand: LVLY Bride
Artificial: yes
Material: Cloth
Ball type: Styrofoam
Size: 20, 24”, 30”, custom
Lead time: 2 weeks
Shipping duration 2-3 weeks
Color: Deep red, cream, white, pink, green
Flower head size: 3.5” diameter, red rose, 1.5” diameter light pink, 4.7” diameter hydrangea head

If you would like a custom sized flower ball, please contact us before you place your order, as we will have to quote you accurately for materials. Lead time 2 weeks Shipping duration 2-3 weeks

24” Flower Ball Rose| Hydrangea Mix

  • This item makes sets a beatufiul ambience for romantic, glam, and any other elegant style themed event. Place on tables amongst other centerpieces or any other event decor item. 

    Uses as a main centerpiece and accompany with smaller event decor items such as candles, flower balls, and more!

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