White, Black, Red Sequin 10 ft x 10 ft Chiffon Drapery Set

Technical Specifications:

Size: 10 ft. x 10 ft.
Drapery Height: 12'-13'
Color: White, Black, Red Sequin
Use: Wedding Drapery, Backdrop, Party Decor, Event Decor, Photography
Material: Silk, Ice Silk, High density sequin

Additional information:

If a style is not chosen, The standard style will be shipped to you.

Standard Style: All drapes are sewn separately, each with one consecutive pocket left open for your pipe system.

Velcro Style: One single back panel with an open loop left open for your pipe system. Hard velcro will be adhered for front drapery attachment. The front drapes are sewn together with a soft side velcro attachment.

String Style: Back panel with an open loop left open for your pipe system. Drapery will have additional string gloth for secure tying along the pipe system.

Whats included: 3 Dusty Rose Chiffon Drapes and 2 High Density Gold Sequin Drapes. No back panel is included.

This item is customizeable.

White| Black| Red Sequin

  • Machine Wash Cold.
    Do not use Bleach, as it will destroy the item.
    Best if the item hangs to dry by air. Machine Dry on a Medium Setting. Do not dry on a high setting.

    Please fold to keep the item from wrinkling and store is a cool dry area.

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